World Cup 2022

Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 First Host Muslims Country In Qatar

Enter Valencia found the net in the first half to establish Ecuador a 2-0 lead against Qatar in the season opener of such FIFA World Cup just at Al Bayt Grounds in Al Khol. FIFA World Cups 2022, Qatar vs. Ecuador Live. Ecuador vs. Qatar Streaming the 2022 FIFA World Cup: Innerin the first game of such FIFA World Cup just at Al Bayt Stadium through Al Khol, Valencia scored the winner in the first half to put Ecuador ahead of Qatar 2-0 at the break. In the 16th minute, Valencia broke the score by converting a penalty kick that he had gained. At the halfway point, the 33-year-old headed in a cross from Angelo Preciado to make it 2-0.

Valencia is the oldest surviving player to score in a World Cup opening game; he had a disallowed goal in the first three minutes. In the FIFA rankings, Ecuador is ranked 44th, while the host nation, Qatar, is ranked 50th.

Arab World’s First Major Sporting Event

The World Cup will be staged for the first time in the Arab region and in a nation with a majority of Muslims. Since the World Cup in South Korea as well as Japan in 2002, this may be the first time it is hosted exclusively in Asia.

Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022

The FIFA World Cup May Take Place Toward The Year’s End

The fact that this World Cup will take place from the conclusion of November to the middle of December will make it the first one to not take place in May, June, or July. The competition will start on November 21 and conclude on December 18, Qatar’s national holiday. It will be performed over a shorter length of time—roughly 28 days.

Since the Premier League as well as other top leagues in Europe typically start off in November, this will require an adjustment in the schedule for those competitions.

Opening Ceremony for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

As football fans in Qatar celebrate the beginning of the very first FIFA World CupTM to be held in the Arab world, history will indeed be made on Sunday, November 20. At 5:30 PM Doha time, an Opening Ceremony unlike any other is scheduled (3:30 PM CET). The Opening Match between Ecuador and the Qatar National League will take place at 7 PM Doha time immediately following the Ceremony (5 PM CET).

Ticketholder luck? To be situated by 5 PM and fully enjoy the event, get to Al Bayt Stadium early. 4 hours before the celebrations start, the gates open. Attending the celebrations in Qatar? Somewhere at FIFA Fan FestivalTM, live broadcasts are available on large screens. Only owners of Hayya Cards are permitted entry, and seating is given according to arrival order.

Do you plan to watch from your Qatari or international location? Learn how to tune in here on Television, radio, mobile devices, and the internet.

Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022

Being Here Is The Best!

Football fans, come to Qatar. Stay for nonstop thrilling encounters, shows, and events. Visit one of our Epic Destinations, such as the FIFA Fan festival, to experience the excitement of football right in the middle of Doha. Or take a look at Mega Attractions, Endless Adventures, and Cultural Discoveries. At Qatar 2022TM, you can have it all!

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