Fifa World Cup 2022 Qualifiers

Can Pakistan Qualify For FIFA World Cup 2022

Can Pakistan Qualify For FIFA World Cup

If you are looking for ways to qualify for FIFA World Cup, you might want to look into the top leagues in Europe and Asia. These leagues are managed well and import talent from around the world. Visiting these leagues can give budding football talents invaluable experience. Pakistan could select talented players via talent hunts and groom them for international competition. If this is too far-fetched, you could consider the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, or Far Eastern nations as stepping-stones to European leagues.

Defeats in FIFA World Cup Qualifiers

The last two defeats in the FIFA World Cup qualifiers for Pakistan have been against Yemen and South Korea. Pakistan lost the first match 3-1 on aggregate but progressed to the next round. Yemen didn’t progress much further and finished bottom of the group. However, Pakistan can still hope for the next World Cup, as Telstar ’18 is a ball manufactured in Pakistan. While the last two defeats have hampered the team’s chances, it’s still not too late to turn the tide.

Pakistan’s Record in FIFA World Cup Qualifiers

Despite its storied history of qualifying for international tournaments, Pakistan has yet to win a match in the past 32 years. This record dates back to 1989. Until Tuesday, the team had not won any of its 32 matches, and they were eliminated in the first round of joint qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and the 2023 AFC Asian Cup in China. The team will now have a long break before they play a competitive match again.

Can Pakistan Qualify For FIFA World Cup

Brazil and Argentina Dominate The Competition

If South American nations do not win the World Cup, then they are unlikely to qualify for the tournament. Both Brazil and Argentina have unbeaten records in South American qualifying. Both teams are favorites to win the tournament, and they are unlikely to lose any games. Both teams have solid squads and respected coaches, but both teams also have a superstar forward who can be the difference between winning and losing a game.

Qualification in Asia

The Asian section of the FIFA World Cup qualifiers will take place in Qatar. Teams from the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) will be competing for 4.5 spots in the tournament. There are currently no African teams in the competition. The tournament will take place in Qatar from November 8 to December 16.

Qualifying for UEFA Intercontinental Playoffs

After losing to Cambodia on Tuesday, Pakistanis can hope to qualify for the FIFA 2022 through UEFA intercontinental playoffs. Pakistan has yet to qualify for any major tournament since 1989. This is despite the fact that most of its players are based abroad. The country’s football scene has long been plagued by political controversies. While there are factions in the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF), the leadership of one of them is largely unrecognized both locally and by FIFA. The PFF is run by Ashfaq Hussain Shah, who was elected by the country’s Supreme Court.

Can Pakistan Qualify For FIFA World Cup


 Now, it would be interesting to see whether Pakistan will qualify for the tournament or not. Well, we can just hope for the best.

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