Fifa World Cup 2022 Qualifiers

Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 Qualification Table & Second Round

FIFA World Cup Qualification Table

Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 Qualification Table & Second Round! All of us know that the FIFA world cup 2022 is going to start and the UEFA champion league is an important aspect of this. The 2022 FIFA World Cup is the 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup, a quadrennial international men’s football championship contested by the national teams of the member associations of FIFA. The organizers have decided that it will take place in Qatar in 2022.

UEFA Second-Round Format

During the meeting with Nyon, the UEFA executive has now confirmed the format of the second-round qualification process. The playoff matches depend on the results obtained by the 2020-2021 UEFA national league. The playoff teams are contestants in two-legged ties every year but it will not be the same this time. As of now, the twelve teams would be split off into three parts, containing four teams each.

UEFA Second Round 2022

The second round of UEFA is also named playoff matches. The second round contains four teams in three groups that will join the winner at the world cup in Qatar. The winning team of the second round will face the winners of other play-off matches.

How do Teams Qualify for UEFA

The two of teams will be divided between The teams qualified by virtue of being league champions and teams qualified by the virtue of finishing 2nd and 4th in their national championship. So, how many teams can qualify for the UEFA champion league is all about the UEFA coefficients of the members association. The group winners qualify automatically, while the four best runners-up proceed to the next stage.

Group A World Cup 2022 Qualifying

P Team GP W D L F A GD Pts Form
1 Serbia 8 6 2 0 18 9 9 20 Won against Luxembourg Drew with Rep of Ireland Won against Luxembourg Won against Azerbaijan Won against Portugal
2 Portugal 8 5 2 1 17 6 11 17 Won against Luxembourg Drew with Rep of Ireland Lost to Serbia Won against Turkey Won against North Macedonia
3 Rep of Ireland 8 2 3 3 11 8 3 9 Drew with Azerbaijan Drew with Serbia Won against Azerbaijan Drew with Portugal Won against Luxembourg
4 Luxembourg 8 3 0 5 8 18 -10 9 Lost to Serbia Lost to Serbia Lost to Portugal Won against Azerbaijan Lost to Rep of Ireland
5 Azerbaijan 8 0 1 7 5 18 -13 1 Drew with Rep of Ireland Lost to Portugal Lost to Rep of Ireland Lost to Serbia

2022 FIFA World Cup Qualification Rounds 2022

The UEFA second round will be played in four groups of six teams. The teams that qualify for the UEFA second round are the 12 group winners and the four best runners-up.

2022 FIFA World Cup Qualification Rounds

There are almost 31 to 32 teams in the FIFA qualification world cup who participate in the world cup in the host country Qatar, which in return gets an automatic space in the world cup tournament. There are six qualification rounds in total, culminating in the final tournament which is held every four years.

National League Group Winners

The national champion league is the biennial international football competition that is contested by the senior men’s league competition, Winners of each group in the European National League will qualify for the UEFA second round. The last world cup was held in September 2019. Within league A, we have four group winners. It was played in Portugal on June 19.


The UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, formerly known as the European Cup and UEFA Cup, respectively, are club football competitions organized by UEFA. The Champions League is the world’s most prestigious club football tournament, contested by the top clubs from all of UEFA’s member associations. The Europa League is the second-most prestigious European club football tournament, after the UEFA Champions League. Qualification for these two tournaments is done via league performance throughout the season, except for the Champions League, which has a preliminary round.

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