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2022 FIFA World Cup Ecuador Live Score, Prediction & Team

2022 FIFA World Cup Ecuador

The 2022 FIFA World Cup Group A will run from November 20 to November 29. Senegal, the Netherlands, Qatar, and Ecuador make up the group. To the round of 16, move to the top two teams.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup’s knockout round is the competition’s second and last round, coming after the group round. At Lusail Iconic Stadium in Lusail, it will start on December 3 with a round of 16 and conclude on December 18, 2022.  The two teams from each group—a total of sixteen teams—will go to the knockout round to compete in a tournament with single elimination. The two losing clubs will also compete in a third-place play-off.

Ecuador has never met any of the countries in its group in a World Cup, so it is a challenging group for Ecuador in 2022. The country had its greatest performance in the 2006 competition when it advanced to the Round of 16 and placed second in its group to Germany. After starting its previous three World Cups with matches against European countries [2002 versus Italy (L 2-0), 2006 against Poland (W 2-0), and 2014 vs Switzerland (L 2-1),] Ecuador will begin its World Cup campaign against that Asian team (Qatar).

History of Qualifications

Ecuador did not attempt to qualify for the FIFA World Cup from 1930 through 1938. When it came time to qualify for the 1950 World Cup, Ecuador initially participated but then withdrew. For the competitions between 1954 and 1958, Ecuador opted out. Ecuador missed out on the world’s top football competition from 1962 to 1998. After placing second in South America in 2002, they received their first qualifier. After placing third in South America, the player qualified for the second competition in 2006. Ecuador placed sixth in South America for the 2010 competition and missed out on the World Cup finals for the third time in a row. Then, Ecuador was able to compete in the period 2014 before once more being disqualified from the 2018 event.

In the World Cup dispute with Ecuador, Chile loses its FIFA appeal

The petition Chile filed to challenge Ecuador’s participation in the 2019 World Cup of football in Qatar has been rejected by the global governing body. FIFA rejected Chile’s claim that Ecuadorian player Byron Castillo was really a Colombian and was therefore unable to participate in World Cup qualifying matches on Friday. Castillo represented Ecuador in eight qualifiers.

According to the organization’s appeal judges, the player “was to be regarded as having permanent Ecuadorian nationality in compliance” with football’s legal regulations based on the documents given. The decision, which confirms a FIFA disciplinary decision from June, has prevented Chile from competing and put Ecuador on track to play Qatar in the World Cup’s first match in Doha on November 20. Chile can still file a legal challenge, though. The Tribunal of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne, Switzerland will now hear an appeal from the Chilean Football Federation against FIFA’s decision. The nine weeks until the start of the World Cup are still available for CAS, the highest court in sports, to convene an urgent session and render a decision.

Castillo should not have played for Ecuador, according to Chile, who claimed to have proof that he is Colombian. After the World Cup draw on April 1 and after FIFA and the Qatari organizers sold thousands of tickets and lodging units to Ecuador fans, Chile began to prepare its case.

Chile would have moved to the fourth automatic promotion spot in the South American qualifying group had Ecuador forfeited all eight of the games Castillo played. Ecuador would have been eliminated from the competition. Whenever a state government has awarded players citizenship, they are still eligible for the national team, according to a provision of FIFA’s legal regulations. The statutes provide that “Any person who holds a permanent nationality which is not dependent on residence in a particular country is able to play for the representing teams of the association of that country.” Rarely does the FIFA appellate committee overturn a decision made by the disciplinary committee of the football organization. In back-to-back World Cup qualification campaigns, Chile has brought accusations against a player from an opponent.

What position does Ecuador hold in FIFA?

12th place

Based on the FIFA rankings, Ecuador is the world’s 12th-best team. They are also South America’s sixth-best team, behind Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, and Uruguay.

Is Ecuador eliminated from the 2022 World Cup?

FIFA has rejected Chile’s request to take Ecuador’s place there at the 2022 World Cup to Qatar, the international governing body of football stated on Friday.

Was Ecuador able to compete in the World Cup?

With a fourth trip scheduled for 2022, the Ecuadorian football team will have participated in three FIFA World Cups, the pinnacle international competition for national football teams.

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